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If you are like me, you always are looking for that little extra boost. You want something that is going to boost your energy and muscle gain, of course, but something safe as well. One the biggest drawbacks with protein powders and creatine based products is the bloat that comes along with it. Those types of products introduce a ton of unpronounceable ingredients into your body that just ends up bloating you out and while you may get a little energy it is the extra water weight that is just not the cut looking stomach you want.

I recently found a natural product that helps boost testosterone without all the harmful, foreign sounding, ingredients. This product is called TestoFuel. When I first heard about it from buddy at the gym, I was like sure another protein supplement and tried to change the subject. However, this buddy of mine said try and you won’t be talking smack then. Well before I was going to invest my money I needed to do a little research on this. The good news is that you can benefit from my research and my personal TestoFuel review to see if TestoFuel is for you.
First and for most, what is in it? I mean if it is a natural product then what is in it that is doing the job? There are 8 active ingredients in this and that boosting your body’s testosterone. Here is what they are and a little about them.

Oyster Extract - When you think building muscle you think steak, meat, right? Well, it is not necessarily the meat but rather the zinc is the powerful stuff. Oyster extract contains ten times the amount of zinc that is in steak. Did you know that zinc deficiency causes low testosterone levels, low sperm count, and raises estrogen levels. Estrogen is the hormone that gives you “man boobs”. I don’t know about you, but “man boobs” are not what I am looking for. So anything that keeps those away is something worth looking into. Oh and TestoFuel also contains 59 trace elements including vitamins, omega 3 & 6 oils, taurine, and amino acids.

Vitamin B6 - Naturally suppresses estrogen by increasing the production of testosterone. This is done by the B6 stimulating androgen, a steroid like hormone that is the precursor for testosterone. B6 is also a vitamin that is absolutely essential for male body function.

Magnesium - Essential for over 300 different enzyme processes in your body, including muscle and nerve relaxation. Without an adequate amount of Magnesium, your muscle can over contract causing soreness, cramps, and spasms. This will not do well for your gym workouts.

Ginseng - This herb increases sex hormones which are linked to testosterone levels. Specifically, it increases the adrenocorticotropic hormone and adrenaline. This is what gives you that energy burst to get through your workout and still have you pumped enough to feel randy when you come home. Also, Ginseng increases the sex hormones known to stimulate cell growth and boost your testosterone levels.

Fenugreek - Fenugreek seeds contain active compounds that are involved in the production of sex hormones. Testosterone is linked to sex drive in a number of global studies. As you increase in age your testosterone (androgen) levels decrease.

D-aspartic acid - An essential amino acid responsible for sperm cell and sex hormone production. There are several double blind studies on animals and humans that showed increased amounts of this amino acid can increase testosterone by as much as 50% in as little as two weeks.

Vitamin D - This is one of those essential nutrients that we never have enough of. Low vitamin D reduces sex drive, testosterone, and is linked to depression. Vitamin D helps metabolic and sexual drive hormones. If you live in the UK or the northern US your body could be naturally low in this nutrient, simply because you can not get enough sunlight exposure in these areas. Without this important vitamin, you would be working against all of the other ingredients in TestoFuel.

Once I saw what was in this product and what it could do, I figured yeah I better give it a try. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical how it would fare compared to other protein and creatine based products.

What I found is that the results are a longer lasting result. I did not notice any difference for the first several days. The results for even the first week were slight and unnoticeable.
After about two weeks I went to the gym and realized that my last set of the weights was a lot easier. You should know that I have a set routine and the last set is always been a reduced number. I normally do sets of ten, however, the last one is usually around five. I had not realized that I was going all through my three sets of ten without reducing down to my normal five. Okay, that could be explained by a fluke morning I guess. However, if I stopped there then what kind of TestoFuel review would this be? Over the next several days I had that same increase in energy.

After another two weeks, I noticed my arms had gained some mass. All the extra energy had fuelled my workouts in a way that allowed me to build more mass. I have to admit too, my girlfriend is definitely not disappointed with how extra energized I have been.
All in all, TestoFuel is a solid product that is not an overload of energy and hormones so that your mood is off and you feel shaky or bloated. It is a very natural increased sex drive and energy level. If you are looking to build mass, increase your mood, and fuel your workouts then this is definitely something you should try.

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